Yianni Stamas Briefly Speaks about National Christmas Movie Marathon Day and Related Topics

Why the 23rd of December?

With balloons in hand, each one representing  one of your interests. Today is the day to think about this and how you will draw from your own life to promote yourself and your products and services in the New Year.

Market Your Journey

Our friends at “Market Your Journey .com” have a special interest in what is celebrated on this day (every December 23rd), which is “National Christmas Movie Marathon Day.” It is not that those marketing their journey (as a way to build visibility) want to gorge on Yuletide flicks, it’s that they believe the 23rd of December is an important turning point in one’s journey. This is because it happens approximately a week before arriving at January 1st so it is a way to set a landmark for the year to come. And of course you can still binge on this, National Christmas Movie Marathon, and might even get some ideas for refining your plans for the upcoming year.

Matching Up Your Resolutions

Rather than jump into 2021 as your time to figure out your resolutions for the new year wouldn’t you rather do them now so you have time to sift through them and really fine tune what your strategy is? We too agree with this. I know that for me I have resolutions both in terms of career as well as family and friends. The two are often different but I seek to match them up if possible.

What Does 2021 Hold for You?

One of my resolutions for 2020 was to do more blog guest spots through the Blog Coalition and have been staying true to this mission. And example is the post you are reading right now which is one of several that I have done this year both with my name on them and sometimes not. Do you have a clear picture of what 2021 will have for you? This is a good time to nail it down and start processing it.

The Internet Can Be Your Journal

As we all know, it is easy to forget your resolutions as time progresses which is why you may want to write about it in your diary if you have one. For me, the internet is kind of like my journal where I commit ideas to cyber pages as a way of reminding myself throughout the year of what I am striving to accomplish.


When in high school (for the two years I was in high school) I used to joke about starting my own religion and even wrote and staged a magic play about it that integrated tricks with a storyline. Interestingly enough, many of the holidays that we celebrate today were apparently taken from pagan days of worship that were given a makeover to fit in. These holiday celebrations include Halloween, Easter and yes, Christmas. Have you ever thought of starting your own religion? Or do you have new resolutions?