What We Can Learn from Magician Entertainers?

Manhattan Magician “taking it on the road” in much the same way that is possible for those involved in the wellness arts.


Performing Magic

A recent blog post on the website ManhattanMagician.com has caught our attention, especially the section on community service and performance. Manhattan Magician in the article talks briefly about his days of performing throughout the years for various grades of his daughter’s classes, as well as being a part of the Magic Neighbors Theater Company and traveling/entertaining with them from one library to the next in the New York Public Library System.

It has Relevance

Why is this relevant to those of us who are New Agers or NewLifers or folks of the Wellness Community? It’s because just as the Manhattan Magician has been traveling and putting on shows, we might consider doing the same with our Wellness businesses and careers. Let’s take it on the road because as we’ve learned from the website Entertainment Entrepreneurship  “There’s no business that’s not in showbusiness!”

Tell Your Story

Bottom line is that we need to up our marketing game which is what Market Your Journey is all about: a new pathway to promoting your business or career through the telling of your story!