To Market Your Journey Takes Creativity

Two Sides of a Journey

What does it mean to “Market Your Journey?” To us it means that you are going to use some aspect of the story of your life in order to promote yourself or your product or service. It also represents the journey that your customer will go through to the point of purchasing from you.

6 Points of Contact

There are various phases to the customer journey. They are usually not ready to purchase right away and frequently require a minimum of 6 “points of contact” before being willing to purchase from your.

Factors for Conversion

The first component has to do with the prospect’s awareness of you. There are various ways this awareness can come about. Maybe a customer saw your internet ad which connected them to your email newsletter. Sometimes the series of emails can cause a future customer to buy, but usually it takes additional factors outside of this.

Solving Problem

One example of influence, could be a recommendation from a friend or colleague to use your services or purchase your product. This thumbs up usually will come about because of your clear idea of the problem you solve for people. In turn, the prospect who is sent to you needs that problem solved.

Harness Your or Someone Else’s Knowledge

One of the easier ways you can solve a problem is through a “How To” segment of some kind that directly offers a way to implement a challenging task. For this reason you might consider creating a “How To” based on an expertise you have or the knowledge of someone you know.

Two Journeys Meet

The acquisition step is something along the lines of the earlier mention of email or joining a free membership or something else of perceived value by the prospect. A membership proposition could involve collecting the prospect’s email or social media information. The point being that you have a way to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Hopefully this develops some kind of trust between you and your future customer. One way to build that trust is through revealing things about your own journey in life. So your journey and the customer’s journey to get to you, intersect.

First Time Clients Can Become Repeat Customers

It is important to remember that when a person becomes your customer or client this is the ultimate demonstration in the belief of what you offer so you do not want to let them down. Bring fully into view the customer service or other programs you have available to them to utilize your product or service to the ultimate. This is the beginning or retention which is key to making a first time customer into a repeat customer.

Answer Their Questions

Once someone purchases from you, you want, in some form, to be engaging with them, whether it is literally interacting with them or having at their disposal some kind of method that they can get their questions answered.

Be Helpful

It is vital that you have data of some kind available to you to ensure that your client’s interest in your solution to their problem does not wain. If you see them losing interest in you, you need to regain that interest through doing something excellent for them. Having a newsletter can help with this as long as what you are writing about is helpful to the individual.

Market Your Journey

The ultimate goal of course is not only having a repeat customer but also having someone who will be an advocate for your brand. The more they know about your journey will hopefully act to keep them on their own journey with you. Hence, market your journey.

We wish to thank the folks at Movie Process as well as those at NYC Create. Both sites assisted in clarifying for us the creative process.