This is What We Really Mean by “Market Your Journey”

All right. Before we start, did you bring your water?

Okay. We see you got your agua.  Good choice. New a few words about what “Market Your Journey” really means. I means taking what you are experiencing and learning into products and services. You know you can do this. There is nothing wrong with making some money and there is a great deal of this kind of stuff that is doing really well. You can do it also. Just take what you know and put it on paper, or on camera, or both, or something else. Whatever the medium is that you select, it’s time now to stop just learning, just diary-ing and so on. You’ve put your time in and now it is your shot at uncovering the treasure trove. We’re not telling you to not divorce your connection to the material world. Do that on Monday, but then on Tuesday cash it in!