The Commercialization of Love


An Offer of Love

It’s a well known phrase and everyone knows where it started, but what’s its future now? I recently saw an advertising spot that used it as a punchline . I found this rather vulgar and was quite shocked that they used a wonderful series of words as nothing more than a catchphrase at the end of their pathetic commercial offering you love.

Trash Bin Treasures

I thought about my own upbringing in relation to the word. My parents had a lot of issues, but one thing they did not do was censor our listening to music. We listened to a lot of albums that my mother and father had, but my siblings and I got much of our music from a trash bin dump by someone in the commercial complex we lived in briefly.

My Brother’s Fave

The music loot we found were albums of Dusty Springfield and other artists we had never heard of before. And of our parents’ stash one of the bands we enjoyed much were The Beatles. We liked John Lennon in particular and thus began our affection for a specific song that struck home with my especially with my brother.

The Song

And despite the Lennon/McCartney credit it was actually written by Lennon. My brother is continues to be such a big fan of Lennon that he uses the song as the signature of the email for his media communication business. The tune? Well you know of course: “All You Need is Love.”