Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Market Their Journey

Is This News?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones reveal their secrets as to why they’ve been able to stay together for two decades despite the impact of Hollywood which can tear marriages appart. This is an example of them marketing their journey because just staying together is considered news when it comes to celebrities. Of course a motivator for maintaining a relationship is that it is good for their kids (as seen in Manhattan Kids Guide) but it mostly it becomes a big deal because they are famous.

The YouTuber Path

Can this be you? Of course it can. But you need to become well known first. Though, this has never been so easy. Just become a YouTuber like PiewDiePie as seen in the blog Manhattan Magician.

Kindred Spirits

It turns out the Michael and Catherine have the same birthday which is what brought them together in a sense. Also that they both play golf. This is a part of their secret to being able to stay together.

The Secret of YouTube

Have you been or are you in a long term relationship? If “yes” you too could make this into news by marketing your journey as Douglas and Zeta-Jones have. Just start making YouTube videos every day, as demonstrated in Manhattan Magician’s blog. We also encourage you to tap into the Blogger Coalition system with blogs such as Manhattan Kids Guide.

A Sense of Humor

Oh, and did we mention, Zeta-Jones likes Douglas’ sense of humor? So again, this is the miracle of showbusiness. Liking someone’s sense of humor is news.

Manhattan Magician has a Lot to Say

Can you handle fame if it comes your way? This is truly something to think through should you decide to go down the YouTuber path. Manhattan Magician has a lot to say about this in relation to PewDiePies marriage to Marzia Bisognin.

Market YOUR Journey!

There are many stages to being a YouTuber whether you’re involved in a romance or not. These stages are looked at a bit in Manhattan Magician’s latest post. But certainly not all of them are. How? Market your journey!

It Takes Passion

You need to have a certain amount of drive to succeed in the YouTuber game. Mostly because it can be so easy to give up. But the way you can keep on moving forward is if you have a passion for the topic of your YouTube Channel.

A Closing Note

This passion will keep you going. And who knows, eventually maybe even your passion for another person will be considered news.

Defining Who You Are

More Magic, Less Cynics

Market Your Journey is a relatively new organization and we have a lot to learn from theater companies like Magic Neighbors as well as publications such as Manhattan Kids Guide. Mainly what we have garnered through out work with both is that a sense of magic is alive and this touches us deeply. In society these days there is a lot of cynicism and what we need is less of that and more magic.

Magic is Real

As purveyors of the “cosmic” we admire folks like Magic Neighbor’s founder Manhattan Magician. Although he uses illusion to attain a state of being magic, he does so in a way that makes one believe that maybe magic is real.

Learn How to Run Your Organization by Volunteering

Some of us at Market Your Journey have been volunteers at performance of Magic Neighbors. Mostly we’ve done behind the scenes work. But each an every time we have volunteered we have been glade we did, because it’s not just “giving back” but it is also learning how to run an organization.

Do You Know Your Mission?

Market Your Journey has been facing a lot of criticism lately because we haven’t been clear enough with our mission. And as you probably know, mission is everything. When you have a clear mission you have a clear organization. Our mission is to harness your story as your greatest marketing tool.

What do You Stand for?

The thing that some people just can’t seem to wrap their head around are comments such as “How do I tell my story through marketing? This is a great question and is why the Magic Neighbors Theater Company is in an of itself a role model. The answer is that you tell your story and talk about what you are offering. Magic Neighbors offers a sense of community and for you, this may be something you want to stand for as well.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Making a Living

And it is possible to have products and services you offer and still be a voice for your community. Everyone knows that everyone has to make a living somehow, so even though you may use your story to help you sell products and services, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still make a difference simultaneously.

Become a Community Forum

Magic Neighbors is a community forum and your career or business can be one as well.

Look at What You Do as a Solution

Changing lives is what it is all about. If you have products and services that in and of themselves can make a difference, then you are very lucky. But it is interesting to note that all businesses are solving a problem of some kind. As you delve deeply into your story and look at what you do as a solution, you will find much of what you have been searching for. Finding a cause can be helpful. The earlier mentioned Manhattan Kids Guide has a cause which is to help kids grow through fun and educational activities.

What is Your Mission?

It always goes back to the concept of “mission.” Do you know what your mission is? How does your solution contribute to your community? A big thanks goes out to Magic Neighbors for being an inspiration to us all!

What We Can Learn from Magician Entertainers?

Manhattan Magician “taking it on the road” in much the same way that is possible for those involved in the wellness arts.


Performing Magic

A recent blog post on the website ManhattanMagician.com has caught our attention, especially the section on community service and performance. Manhattan Magician in the article talks briefly about his days of performing throughout the years for various grades of his daughter’s classes, as well as being a part of the Magic Neighbors Theater Company and traveling/entertaining with them from one library to the next in the New York Public Library System.

It has Relevance

Why is this relevant to those of us who are New Agers or NewLifers or folks of the Wellness Community? It’s because just as the Manhattan Magician has been traveling and putting on shows, we might consider doing the same with our Wellness businesses and careers. Let’s take it on the road because as we’ve learned from the website Entertainment Entrepreneurship  “There’s no business that’s not in showbusiness!”

Tell Your Story

Bottom line is that we need to up our marketing game which is what Market Your Journey is all about: a new pathway to promoting your business or career through the telling of your story!

Introducing Market Your Journey

Welcome to the new “Market Your Journey” blog and service where your story is your best promotional tool. We’ve been involved in marketing in various incarnations over the years and therefore are quite excited by this venture and hope that you are as well!