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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Market Their Journey

Is This News?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones reveal their secrets as to why they’ve been able to stay together for two decades despite the impact of Hollywood which can tear marriages appart. This is an example of them marketing their journey because just staying together is considered news when it comes to celebrities. Of course a motivator for maintaining a relationship is that it is good for their kids (as seen in Manhattan Kids Guide) but it mostly it becomes a big deal because they are famous.

The YouTuber Path

Can this be you? Of course it can. But you need to become well known first. Though, this has never been so easy. Just become a YouTuber like PiewDiePie as seen in the blog Manhattan Magician.

Kindred Spirits

It turns out the Michael and Catherine have the same birthday which is what brought them together in a sense. Also that they both play golf. This is a part of their secret to being able to stay together.

The Secret of YouTube

Have you been or are you in a long term relationship? If “yes” you too could make this into news by marketing your journey as Douglas and Zeta-Jones have. Just start making YouTube videos every day, as demonstrated in Manhattan Magician’s blog. We also encourage you to tap into the Blogger Coalition system with blogs such as Manhattan Kids Guide.

A Sense of Humor

Oh, and did we mention, Zeta-Jones likes Douglas’ sense of humor? So again, this is the miracle of showbusiness. Liking someone’s sense of humor is news.

Manhattan Magician has a Lot to Say

Can you handle fame if it comes your way? This is truly something to think through should you decide to go down the YouTuber path. Manhattan Magician has a lot to say about this in relation to PewDiePies marriage to Marzia Bisognin.

Market YOUR Journey!

There are many stages to being a YouTuber whether you’re involved in a romance or not. These stages are looked at a bit in Manhattan Magician’s latest post. But certainly not all of them are. How? Market your journey!

It Takes Passion

You need to have a certain amount of drive to succeed in the YouTuber game. Mostly because it can be so easy to give up. But the way you can keep on moving forward is if you have a passion for the topic of your YouTube Channel.

A Closing Note

This passion will keep you going. And who knows, eventually maybe even your passion for another person will be considered news.