A Journey is a Journey

Just to “Market Your Journey” in a Blog is Not Enough Anymore Because to Be A Star Business in Your Industry You Need to Have an AUDIENCE!

Just You and Your Phone and Your Method How

The Truth Is that You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About Having an AUDIENCE

Look, let’s face it. You know you need an audience. You have researched how to get an audience. But in reality you have not gotten past the thinking about the process rather than actually engaging in it. Well you are in luck. How? Because “Market Your Journey” has joined forces with both the Blog Coalition and the as of yet underground phenomenon of “Method How.” The Blog Coalition is now 57 websites strong, which includes us here at “Market Your Journey. And of those 57, we are working specifically with 9 of them, plus us, makes 10. After some research, we discovered what you and us already know know which is even if you actually get an audience, you have to keep that audience happy, or they will ditch you as quick as it takes to say “Method How” three times quickly. Do you know the “Method How” to keep an audience smiling and be loyal as a customer to your business?

Don’t Just Sit There! Start Growing Your AUDIENCE Right Now!

Okay, okay, we know that many of you are about to go and purchase a lot of ads on search engines and social media. That is all well and good for successful businesses because they have already had enough success to be able to afford it from their marketing budget. But if you are like a lot of new businesses out there, or maybe you are working on starting a company but have not done so yet. Whatever your background and business is all about, the most important thing right now is to figure out where your audience is, then how to reach them, followed by convincing them to be a part of your business audience or fan club, and, here’s the big one, a drumroll please…Buy stuff from you. But wait. There’s more. You need to make them happy throughout the buying process, and ultimately wanting to come back to you when their need arises. But for starters, where is your audience right now, and who are they the audience for at this very minute?

Fall In Love With Your AUDIENCE!

Fall in love with your audience? Yes, that’s right, fall in love with your audience. At this point you might be getting a little anxious, because you know that you can’t fall in love with your audience if you do not even have one in the first place! We here at “Market Your Journey” understand, we really do. Which is why we have joined with 9 other websites of the Blog Coalition, out of 57 sites currently involved with the group, of which we too are a member. Here’s the bottom line, the 10 of from the Coalition are working closely with they not yet existing “Method How.” “Method How” has the current plan of testing others to see what they truly want, need and desire for their businesses. This spawned what is now being called:

The “Method How” to Find the Audience You Need, Get them as Customers, and Ultimately Keep them Loyal to You.”

Ambitious, right? Yes. Very. But the work has begun. And before leaving, so as to not exist stage right leaving with you feeling this is a bit of a “bait and switch,” we want to assure you, sincerely, that is not our intention. We want you to have a free copy of the “Method How” undertaking, once we and the 9 other blogs have completed it. Especially if you are business who understands the phrase “U.S. in Need.” Stay tuned! Or if you get here before we have posted about the “Method How” you can get your own no cost digital learning product, keep your eyes peeled. Not necessarily here, but find “Method How” once it emerges. Why? Because you deserve to have the audience that is perfect for your and your industry!