Your Audience

Do You Know What Your Audience is Looking For?

Your Story

At Market Your Journey we believe that your most powerful asset is your story. People love stories of other people from all walks of life. Especially if the story seems authentic. That’s why we work hard to cultivate that tale you have lived, especially in terms of products and services you may offer.

The Pathway

The term “Market Your Journey” sometimes gets confused by people because there is a thing in marketing called “Your Customer’s Journey.” This consists of the pathway you future customers travel in order to reach you.

Your Journey Can Attract

Of course, your story of your journey is what could motivate someone to follow your journey through different online platforms to ultimately reach you. That’s in part how this website/blog continues to flourish with the help from sites like Magic Neighbors.

Get Online Coverage

This means you need to get your story out, in as far reaching a way as possible. That’s why we work with other organizations and websites to ensure we are able to get you as much online coverage as possible.

Draw in Your Audience

What is your story? What is unique about you? What is the tale behind you deciding to develop your own products and services? Your story can be your identification from others. This also helps you to define your audience in a more specific way. First you figure out who you are and what your tale is, and then you use that information as your method of drawing in your audience.

Where is Your Audience?

Do you know who your audience is? You’ve probably heard it often that knowing who your audience is, is very important. And that this knowledge needs to be as specific as possible. If you know who will react to your story you can then figure out where to reach them.

Do They Need What You Have?

The idea is to ascertain where your audience hangs out and then, via the web, go to them and put your offer in front of them at the exact moment they need what you have.

Are You an Entertainer?

Because of this, it is a good idea to know the solution you provide helps to solve the problem of your customer. Even if you are an entertainer, you are providing a service, helping people beat boredom and find an entertainer that makes them happy or scared or whatever the emotion is that they want to experience. Manhattan Magician strives to do this.

The Timing Involved

So in summary, knowing your story means knowing who your audience is, then figure out how to reach them online with your solution to their problem the moment they need it! But how do you do this? That is a topic for another post!