Your Journey as a Home Business Achiever

We consider ourselves to be Home Business Achievers as well as consider YOU to be one. That is because you have worked awfully hard and continue to work hard but are not achieving anything that looks like progress to you. Wonder if there was a way to put all this effort into something slightly different that offers you awards that you earn?

Does that sound good? You may be ambivalent about it, but that is okay. We just want to get to know you better and have put together some material we think you owe it to yourself to look over.

If in the end you can find anything you can relate to, then it was worth reading. Plus, the more you know about yourself now, the more you will be open to the chilling truth and want to change without really changing, much regarding who you are versus who you want to be.

Monetize Your Life

You have YOUR world in the palm of YOUR hands!

This blog was created help people “Market their Journey” or another way of putting it per my brother is to “Monetize Your Life.” He actually pointed out to me that in many ways they were one and the same, and I have to agree.

The concept, as we’ve described in past posts is to take everything that happens to you as well as what you make happen, and put it to work for you by figuring out a commercial way to sell it. This is true in many ways of artists. They experience something and then make it into a work of art that is sold.

But the spectrum of the concept can be larger than that. What are the problem you have that consumers do? Monetize your life and make a product that helps. You notice an issue in today’s world that are meaningful to other people. Monetize you life by making a film about it. Or, you don’t have much to say in a blog post. Monetize your life by writing about monetizing your life!

What Do We Mean by “Market your Journey?”

We’ve advanced pretty far in terms of the distance of journeys, but are we any closer to the truth of illusion?!

Marketer Magician Learns from Einstein

We’ve done our best up to this point to through various posts explain what the term “Market Your Journey” means to us. But if Marketer Magician can explain “Imagination,” then we surely can do the same with “Market Your Journey.” Let’s start with the Einstein quote that Marketer Magician used to take a look at the value of imagination:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.

What Can We Latch on to as an Einstein Takeaway?

This excerpt also is of importance to understanding the idea of Market Your Journey. Why? Because you need imagination when looking at how to market YOUR journey. People sometimes think that imaginary worlds are less than truthful than so called “Real Worlds.” Both worlds are linked in one way or another to truth and illusion. And as Marketer Magician likes to discuss, both are “real” in their own way.

What does the have to Do with Being Able to Market Your Journey?

The goal is to know your truth, but for some it isn’t bad living in denial and holding on tight to illusion. A lot of these folks live in Southern California. Hey, who are we to talk, resisting what is “real” has for years been our favorite hobby!

What is Your Road Ahead?

You Need Conscious Input

What is your road ahead? What are your goals. At this moment in time what are your most important objectives? On a continual basis it is good to reflect on where you want to be heading because thinking about it leads to getting there. And if you do not ruminate on this topic, you will have input on where you end up. At least not conscious input.

Breaking Down Big Goals

Do you write your goals down? It is not always necessary on your road ahead, but it is a good idea. In fact, as you may well known just writing your super objectives is often not enough. You need to break this “big goals” into the little steps you think you will need in order to get there.

Promote Your Dream

If you have a path of shorter achievable goals, you are more likely to attain your larger plans. Yes, most of us already know this information. But knowing something and not acting on it is not enough. Take care of your destiny and be sure to promote it. Promote your dreams so others are aware of it and can get onboard with you…on the road ahead!

The Commercialization of Love


An Offer of Love

It’s a well known phrase and everyone knows where it started, but what’s its future now? I recently saw an advertising spot that used it as a punchline . I found this rather vulgar and was quite shocked that they used a wonderful series of words as nothing more than a catchphrase at the end of their pathetic commercial offering you love.

Trash Bin Treasures

I thought about my own upbringing in relation to the word. My parents had a lot of issues, but one thing they did not do was censor our listening to music. We listened to a lot of albums that my mother and father had, but my siblings and I got much of our music from a trash bin dump by someone in the commercial complex we lived in briefly.

My Brother’s Fave

The music loot we found were albums of Dusty Springfield and other artists we had never heard of before. And of our parents’ stash one of the bands we enjoyed much were The Beatles. We liked John Lennon in particular and thus began our affection for a specific song that struck home with my especially with my brother.

The Song

And despite the Lennon/McCartney credit it was actually written by Lennon. My brother is continues to be such a big fan of Lennon that he uses the song as the signature of the email for his media communication business. The tune? Well you know of course: “All You Need is Love.”

Market Your Journey Around the World

Connect with Other People’s Journeys

It’s easier than ever to develop fans and customers all over the world who would be interested in your journey. Each of us has her or his own journey. Many of us have journeys that connect with other people’s journeys.

Others Want to Experience Your Journey

The fact is that the journey of yours that you are currently using for marketing purposes can resonate with the journey of others. And because most people are just ruminating on their journey without actually documenting it,  you have an edge. People who have journeys like yours will gladly pay for experiencing your take on things.

Human Enjoyment

Why do people want to experience other people’s journeys? It is because as human being we enjoy having a window into another person’s journey who we can relate to. So get your journey out there around the world.

Market Your Journey with Media Administration

What You Need to Know

These days you need to know a lot to succeed as an independent media administrator as seen at the Media Administration website. Sure, social is a big part of it, but to truly succeed you should also known the ins and outs of web creation and related media art forms.

The Most Important Thing

But the most important of all to understand is how to tell a story. Why is this so important? Because successful social media is telling stories that interest people. If you want people to interact with you, you had better be engaging them with a tale that has a beginning, middle and end.

The Big Question

But how do you get this knowledge? Practice makes perfect. For starters look at the process as being your marketing journey or that of someone else. What is the essential question of this journey story? It could be as simple as “Will _______ succeed?” Most people like a success story in motion. How will you market YOUR journey?!

To Market Your Journey Takes Creativity

Two Sides of a Journey

What does it mean to “Market Your Journey?” To us it means that you are going to use some aspect of the story of your life in order to promote yourself or your product or service. It also represents the journey that your customer will go through to the point of purchasing from you.

6 Points of Contact

There are various phases to the customer journey. They are usually not ready to purchase right away and frequently require a minimum of 6 “points of contact” before being willing to purchase from your.

Factors for Conversion

The first component has to do with the prospect’s awareness of you. There are various ways this awareness can come about. Maybe a customer saw your internet ad which connected them to your email newsletter. Sometimes the series of emails can cause a future customer to buy, but usually it takes additional factors outside of this.

Solving Problem

One example of influence, could be a recommendation from a friend or colleague to use your services or purchase your product. This thumbs up usually will come about because of your clear idea of the problem you solve for people. In turn, the prospect who is sent to you needs that problem solved.

Harness Your or Someone Else’s Knowledge

One of the easier ways you can solve a problem is through a “How To” segment of some kind that directly offers a way to implement a challenging task. For this reason you might consider creating a “How To” based on an expertise you have or the knowledge of someone you know.

Two Journeys Meet

The acquisition step is something along the lines of the earlier mention of email or joining a free membership or something else of perceived value by the prospect. A membership proposition could involve collecting the prospect’s email or social media information. The point being that you have a way to communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Hopefully this develops some kind of trust between you and your future customer. One way to build that trust is through revealing things about your own journey in life. So your journey and the customer’s journey to get to you, intersect.

First Time Clients Can Become Repeat Customers

It is important to remember that when a person becomes your customer or client this is the ultimate demonstration in the belief of what you offer so you do not want to let them down. Bring fully into view the customer service or other programs you have available to them to utilize your product or service to the ultimate. This is the beginning or retention which is key to making a first time customer into a repeat customer.

Answer Their Questions

Once someone purchases from you, you want, in some form, to be engaging with them, whether it is literally interacting with them or having at their disposal some kind of method that they can get their questions answered.

Be Helpful

It is vital that you have data of some kind available to you to ensure that your client’s interest in your solution to their problem does not wain. If you see them losing interest in you, you need to regain that interest through doing something excellent for them. Having a newsletter can help with this as long as what you are writing about is helpful to the individual.

Market Your Journey

The ultimate goal of course is not only having a repeat customer but also having someone who will be an advocate for your brand. The more they know about your journey will hopefully act to keep them on their own journey with you. Hence, market your journey.

We wish to thank the folks at Movie Process as well as those at NYC Create. Both sites assisted in clarifying for us the creative process.

Do You Know What Your Audience is Looking For?

Your Story

At Market Your Journey we believe that your most powerful asset is your story. People love stories of other people from all walks of life. Especially if the story seems authentic. That’s why we work hard to cultivate that tale you have lived, especially in terms of products and services you may offer.

The Pathway

The term “Market Your Journey” sometimes gets confused by people because there is a thing in marketing called “Your Customer’s Journey.” This consists of the pathway you future customers travel in order to reach you.

Your Journey Can Attract

Of course, your story of your journey is what could motivate someone to follow your journey through different online platforms to ultimately reach you. That’s in part how this website/blog continues to flourish with the help from sites like Magic Neighbors.

Get Online Coverage

This means you need to get your story out, in as far reaching a way as possible. That’s why we work with other organizations and websites to ensure we are able to get you as much online coverage as possible.

Draw in Your Audience

What is your story? What is unique about you? What is the tale behind you deciding to develop your own products and services? Your story can be your identification from others. This also helps you to define your audience in a more specific way. First you figure out who you are and what your tale is, and then you use that information as your method of drawing in your audience.

Where is Your Audience?

Do you know who your audience is? You’ve probably heard it often that knowing who your audience is, is very important. And that this knowledge needs to be as specific as possible. If you know who will react to your story you can then figure out where to reach them.

Do They Need What You Have?

The idea is to ascertain where your audience hangs out and then, via the web, go to them and put your offer in front of them at the exact moment they need what you have.

Are You an Entertainer?

Because of this, it is a good idea to know the solution you provide helps to solve the problem of your customer. Even if you are an entertainer, you are providing a service, helping people beat boredom and find an entertainer that makes them happy or scared or whatever the emotion is that they want to experience. Manhattan Magician strives to do this.

The Timing Involved

So in summary, knowing your story means knowing who your audience is, then figure out how to reach them online with your solution to their problem the moment they need it! But how do you do this? That is a topic for another post!

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Market Their Journey

Is This News?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones reveal their secrets as to why they’ve been able to stay together for two decades despite the impact of Hollywood which can tear marriages appart. This is an example of them marketing their journey because just staying together is considered news when it comes to celebrities. Of course a motivator for maintaining a relationship is that it is good for their kids (as seen in Manhattan Kids Guide) but it mostly it becomes a big deal because they are famous.

The YouTuber Path

Can this be you? Of course it can. But you need to become well known first. Though, this has never been so easy. Just become a YouTuber like PiewDiePie as seen in the blog Manhattan Magician.

Kindred Spirits

It turns out the Michael and Catherine have the same birthday which is what brought them together in a sense. Also that they both play golf. This is a part of their secret to being able to stay together.

The Secret of YouTube

Have you been or are you in a long term relationship? If “yes” you too could make this into news by marketing your journey as Douglas and Zeta-Jones have. Just start making YouTube videos every day, as demonstrated in Manhattan Magician’s blog. We also encourage you to tap into the Blogger Coalition system with blogs such as Manhattan Kids Guide.

A Sense of Humor

Oh, and did we mention, Zeta-Jones likes Douglas’ sense of humor? So again, this is the miracle of showbusiness. Liking someone’s sense of humor is news.

Manhattan Magician has a Lot to Say

Can you handle fame if it comes your way? This is truly something to think through should you decide to go down the YouTuber path. Manhattan Magician has a lot to say about this in relation to PewDiePies marriage to Marzia Bisognin.

Market YOUR Journey!

There are many stages to being a YouTuber whether you’re involved in a romance or not. These stages are looked at a bit in Manhattan Magician’s latest post. But certainly not all of them are. How? Market your journey!

It Takes Passion

You need to have a certain amount of drive to succeed in the YouTuber game. Mostly because it can be so easy to give up. But the way you can keep on moving forward is if you have a passion for the topic of your YouTube Channel.

A Closing Note

This passion will keep you going. And who knows, eventually maybe even your passion for another person will be considered news.