Is This You?

You meditate, eat right and do yoga, yet you’re finding it challenging to climb the mountain known as selling your products or services or even promoting yourself. Lakshmi seems to be just out of reach.

Nothing Works

And no matter how hard these individuals would try, using creative visualization, mantras and the like, none of these approaches worked to successfully market themselves. Until now.

A Solution

Introducing the “Market Your Journey” technology and methodology. Yes, with this incredibly easy, intuitive and effective technique you can finally directly link your thoughts with your physical outcomes because the key is inside YOU!

It’s Time for Prosperity

And to leverage the “you that is you,” we supply you with a customized digital toolkit and guidance that empowers you to market your journey.
And when you successfully market your journey by sharing your project, path and process in the form of your story, you therefore unleash a powerful way to build a community around yourself or your business ensuring prosperity for all.

Do You Have a Mission?

How does a project, path and process help you to do so? Each of these three self-reflections has a unique purpose in your “Market Your Journey” practice.
It all starts with having a project. This means a mission-based undertaking that relates to a passion of yours and the completion of which has special meaning to you. This could be artistic such as writing a book or choreographing a dance or acting in a play or performing music etc.

Your Business Venture

It could also apply to an entrepreneurial venture such as starting a business for which you need customers, clients and fans. Or it could be both entrepreneurial and artistic combined as in ArtisticPreneurship which makes you the ArtisticPreneur.

Follow Your Path

The next aspect in the project/path/process triangle vertices, is your path. This is the following of the bread crumbs of inspiration. It’s your very own personal pathway in which you travel on the track to your ultimate destination which is very clear to you since you need to know where you are going in order to get there.

Your Process

The final part is your process. This is your experiential element that you make your way through. It’s your methodology or system that you constantly unfold.

Putting it All Together

Putting project, path and process together forms your story. And as human being we are all interested in the stories of others. By revealing your project, path and process, you engage your audience in your personal expedition.


The more that your project, path and process have meaning for you, the more meaningful they will in turn be to your audience. It’s important to remember the famous leaf falling in the forest analogy in which the question is posed as to whether or not it makes a sound if it is not heard.

Tools for the Concrete World

No matter how realized your tale is, it won’t immediately bring your audience closer to you unless you ensure they see it. And the best way to accomplish this is through web marketing tools and strategies. You must make contact with your audience.

Get there First

They may not know who you are yet, but at this very moment members of your audience are thinking about the solution that you offer in the form of your products or services. So, the key is to discover your audience and to be the first one to do so. The idea is to get to your audience before your competitor does who is offering for the same solution as you do.
Getting there first does matter because we not only live in a spiritual world, but a material one as well.

Marketing Your Journey

But how do you “Market Your Journey?” You can do so by combining your gifts and talents with the right marketing tools that the we, of the Market Your Journey Team at MarketYourJourney.com, can provide you with at a minimal cost.

Holistic Marketing Tools

It’s true that some of these tools we offer are also supplied by other marketers, but what makes us different than the others, is that we offer HOLISTIC marketing tools. This means that our digital tools are customized in an interconnected manner for YOUR specific needs.

Maintenance Programs

But it doesn’t end there. Additionally, we don’t just give you the tools and then abandon you. After creating your initial toolkit, we also offer ongoing monthly maintenance programs at very reasonable prices.

Monthly Programs

These monthly programs consist of updating your holistic marketing tools to keep them fresh, as well as provide you with customized guidance to empower you to get results. It works if you work it so work it! But the question now is, how do you start this process?

Starting the Process

It’s as easy as subscribing to your complimentary “Market Your Journey” newsletter that each weeks brings you tips to reach your audience that are drawn from our actual “real life” working with our clients or promoting our inhouse endeavors.

Get Your Free eBook

And if you sign up right now for the newsletter, you’ll also get absolutely free, your instantly downloadable eBook entitled “How to Market Your Journey Online in 5 Easy Steps” that consists of valuable insights on how to wield your tools to get results regarding your odyssey.

You CAN Climb the Mountain

How is all this going to make a difference in your life? After receiving your “Market Your Journey” toolkit and monthly program It could mean now when you meditate, eat right and do yoga, you’ll be able to better climb the mountain known as selling your products or services by harnessing your story consisting of your project, path and process.

Any Questions You Might Have

Contact us now with any questions you may have as well ask for your free ebook and weekly newsletter. Lakshmi!