Steps to Create a Pathway for You to Market Your Journey using Free Online Tools

Warning. Check this Out Before Reading any Further

We wanted to give you the heads up that although we are going to discuss how you can gain access to to the pathway and steps to create having the ability to “Market Your Journey” for a positive business outcome, we are not going to reveal the specific details about that in this communication. Perusing further will only open up insight into some of the problems involved with this pursuit, but not any of the actual step by step solutions. Just wanted to

Would You Like to Believe that You Can take the Steps to Create Fruition of Your Objectives?

A lot of great stuff is in the works in terms of providing you with steps to create the things that you want, need and desire. Throughout history we have seen how important your thoughts are in order to succeed at whatever your calling is. Even the most insecure individuals who have made their mark, did on some level “Believe.” Even if they didn’t believe in themselves as a human being, some aspect of their mental process included not doubting their ability to take certain steps to create the realization of goals that impacted humanity in some way.

What Does it Mean if You are “Successful” in the Eyes of the Public but Not Within Yourself?

It is funny how just because you are an achiever of material things does not necessarily coincide with true happiness. But at the same time this perspective is a convenient way for those who have not attained any societal stature to be able to justify their lacks in life.

Steps to Create a Pathway Might include a Map to Take You Where You Want to Go, but is it Worth it?

Let us say there was a road you could take that would lead to you having access to realizing some of your wants, needs and desires. Would you travel by taking this approach? There are many who would not. Why? Maybe because of their fear that it would not lead to anything tangible. Though, the direct opposite might be the issue as well. Some folks get very worried that they COULD ACTUALLY SUCCEED!

I Am an Intern Filling in for the Regular Blogger and I am Determined

To Get to the Bottom of the Question

“What is the most impactful way to market your journey, positivity or negativity?”

Thankfully, I am not alone when it comes to exploring this puzzle. How? Because three other interns like I am are sitting in for the usual writers at various Blog Coalition blogs. These websites are “How to Do Online Marketing,” How to Get New Customers” and even “USA Make a Difference.”

Your Story is Yours

You already have what you need: your story!

Market Your Journey

Your story is a pivotal piece of marketing your journey.  It involves the ever important craft of using your copywriting skills (writing promotional content) on the topic as well.

Some People will be able to Relate to Your Story

Human beings love stories because in part the fact that they can relate another person’s story to their own.

If You are an Author, Leverage it

For you authors out there this process is going to be a lot easier because you are likely already familiar with the classic story structure.

Let Others Know About What Your World Was Like Pre-Problem

One of the first things to do in telling a story is to show the context of desire in your world before bad things happen. This is the establish what life was like before the problem reared its ugly head.

Enter a Bad Thing (Problem)

Then suddenly a bad thing happens to stir up the story and provide challenges. What is the bad thing in your story? It is the major problem of your tale that you came up against and later discovered a solution for as you can hint toward now.

Dig Deeply into What is Frightening and Seemingly Hopeless

We are now to the point of us experiencing the first attempt at a solution, but nothing works. Things just keep getting worse and worse as the very hope for a solution is squashed.

Coming Up with a Solution

But somehow during all this pain we stumble upon a solution that up until this point has been a secret, but with the help of a mentor and lots of hard work, we develop the solution to the problem.

Now Things are Better Than Ever

Now you find the ideal thing needed to make the difference and get on the track to success, making things even better than they were in the beginning because now a solution is known.

What is Unique About Your Experience?

Now of course when you are telling your story you must have some reason for why you are able to come up with a solution. Usually this means that you have unique expertise or experience that allows you to develop a key to escape the pain.

Consider involving a Mentor

Now for those of you who do not have the confidence in your ability or are not really feeling that you are an expert at anything, you can change up your storytelling a bit to give the mentor who appears in your life be the master instead. He or she provides the path for you to travel on.

How to Motivate Your Expert

This can mean quite literally bringing in an expert problem solver interview. The goal of uncovering your personal story is to use it on all your channels, from social media or maybe even offering a product that solves a certain demographic’s problem. Now is the time to get the cooperation of an expert in your industry if you do not consider yourself to be the expert. Often you can connect with this individual via email offering them some free publicity in the form of them being featured in you site or other incentive.

Consider Sharing

If you are developing and plan to sell a learning product, if your designated expert is hesitant at first to participate, you might consider offering that person a percentage of your sales or giving her or him a fee. Also, don’t forget to get this individual to sign a release. This release will describe in detail the arrangement you have with this person..

Your Expert will Appreciate the Publicity

Again, the exciting thing that can appeal to your expert is that in the product or service marketing process, she or he will receive increased visibility. Together you and your expert will help others solve a serious problem..

Put Yourself into the Position

Think about it, if you wanted to hire an expert to help you with a problem, would not you be impressed by the fact this person is seemingly so good at what they do that they were brought in to speak as an expert in an online endeavor?

Did You Learn by Doing?

A great way to learn is to learn by doing. If you are a motivated person this can work for you. Especially if you throw yourself into a position where you must come up with solutions to survive. This is what we have experienced. We knew that unless we came up with a way to support ourselves with our business, we would be without an income to live.

Been There Done That? You have Special Value!

Since you have faced your business and/or artistic problems and solved them, you are now able to help others solve their challenges.

Your Talent and Insights

If you are looking at finding a value proposition if you are an expert, you need not look any further than you own unique take on solving the problem. If you are working with an expert, the same goes for leveraging their talents and insights.

Learning Outcome

Educators talk about a “learning outcome.” This is being clear on both the problem and what the user will learn in terms of them being exposed to your lessons and teaching processes.

How to Make Your Course More Desirable

And in this process do not forget who you are. What you uniquely bring to the table because of your personality and experience is valuable. It becomes the edge that you have on the competition. No one should be able to take the real “you” out of the proposition. Be sure to give into what is unique about you and the solving of this problem. If done authentically it will make your course more desirable if you are putting together a learning product.

Analyze Your Strengths

Ultimately it comes down to figuring out what your strengths are as a solution provider and emphasizing them. Do not underestimate your unique skills and approach. Put your interpretation of the way to solve the problem up front and center. This means that your course will appeal to those who can relate to who you are and your take on things.

Each Creator will Make a Different and Unique Course

It is critical to realize that depending on who the person is and the sum of their experiences, they will make a totally different course on the exact same subject! Again, the neat thing about this is that who you are is going to appeal to some people over others. Your unique perspective will attract those who can relate to that perspective.

Do not Be Intimidated by Other Learning Experiences on the Market

The fact is that there are a lot of people out there who are teaching courses on your topic. Do not be dissuaded because of this. Remember that your unique story and set of experiences put you in the running to attract those like you who can relate to you but do not necessarily have the knowledge that you have (or your expert does) in this area.