A Holistic Ecosystem that Works

Are you creative and mindful yet are having a hard time finding a marketing solution that works? Please read on…

New Customers, Clients and Fans

Welcome to “Market Your Journey” blog and service where your story is your best promotional tool. What do we mean by blog and service? We mean that MarketYourJourney.com is a place you can go to read new blog entries on how to Market Your Journey as well as have access to services that will also help you to promote your story as a means of bringing in new customers, clients and fans.

Tried Them All?

If you’re like a lot of New Life and Creative business owners these days, chances are you’ve tried, or have at least thought about, do-it-yourself website-making tools like SquareSpace, Wix or even the amateur version of WordPress, only to discover that it isn’t all that easy after all and you’re very limited in the kinds of things these sites will do.

Your Social Media Reach is Diminishing

And maybe you’ve even attempted doing your own Social Media Campaigns only to find out that the amount of people you can reach through social media isn’t what it used to be, and the reach just keeps getting smaller.

It Takes More than a Website and Social

And to make matters worse, simply having a website and social media is not enough anyway, that is if your goal is to get new customers, clients and fans. You see, just like when building a house, building your marketing program takes more than only two tools! Access to a plan is a necessity.

Your Marketing Your Journey Method

Introducing the Market Your Journey Method, parts of which are unveiled one at a time through the websites of our collaborators. We are speaking of educational digital products.

No Social Media Needed!

And the great news is that none of the tools documented in the educational digital products are oriented toward the frustrating social media marketing techniques. Instead, you will learn about digital tools, many of them free online, that you can, at your own speed, leverage for great outcomes for your company or freelancer career.

How to Reach Us

Your Marketing Journey communications come in the form of weekly newsletters delivered directedly to you via email. These weekly correspondences detail the latest developments of educational digital products you can use to get directions on how to get on your own personal success pathway so you can most effectively, well, market your journey!